Peace negotiations  Basic Teaching of Peace Research

Most important is: "The peace negotiations are unconditionally."

False, if the opening of peace negotiations preconditions attached, which really only result of successful negotiations. And even then only further progress in the peace process need to be realistic.

Example: In the Middle East conflict will always return to the negotiations delayed or interrupted, "because" the other side to alleged did not fulfil the necessary preconditions.

Peace negotiations are not on ceasefire stands as a precondition to establish, although, of course, can negotiate better if the guns silent.

As soon as "preconditions" the speech is, you have to insist that they are the subject of negotiations made.

It also applies to situations in which "peace obstacles" to affirm:

Obstacles to peace are not negotiating obstacles but negotiations ground and object of negotiation.

If everything would be paradise, no one would use the peace negotiations,
but it should celebrate.

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